Rules & FAQ:

Read the RULEBOOK (written with Mike Selinker and Loneshark Games)


Q: Where can I buy Trogdor the Board Game?

A: Right here!

Q: I backed the game on Kickstarter or purchased a game through BackerKit but have not yet received my game. What should I do?

A: The current delivery schedule is below.

  • Australia/New Zealand - SHIPPING COMPLETE
  • Asia - As of 9/2 - SHIPPING CURRENTLY - If you have not received a tracking number please contact SHIPPING SHOULD BE COMPLETE BY 10/1/19.
  • WYRMWOOD Beefy and Majesty Levels - SHIPPING COMPLETE. If you do not have yours please contact Wyrmwood here.

Q: I received my game, but a component is missing or damaged. What should I do?

A: Please email Quartermaster at with your order information and a description of the problem. We kindly request that all replacement requests be made within 3 months of your delivery date.

Q: I received my Wyrmwood board or box but no game or game pieces. Where's my Trogdor game?

A: All Wyrmwood boards/boxes shipped directly from Wyrmwood without game pieces and they will handle any customer service issues related to their product. You can contact them here. The game itself (and any add-ons, t-shirts, pins, etc.) shipped from the fulfillment hub in your region. Everyone should have received these items according to the schedule above. If you have any questions about these items please email ALL Wyrmwood tiers come with a Burninator version of the base game which includes both wooden meeples and plastic miniatures. The Wyrmwood tiers are called Beefy, Majesty, and Consummate. We realize those are a lot of Trogdor-related words and we apologize for any confusion.

Q: Help! I don't understand any of this!

A: Please email us at


Q: It says the game is for 1-6 players, are there special rules for playing solo?

A: No. Since the game is what some folk call “group solitaire,” the gameplay is the same no matter how many are playing. If playing by yourself, we suggest adjusting the difficulty by doing any or all of the following:

  • Deal yourself 2 Keeper and Item cards and just alternate turns with them
  • Play with fewer Troghammer cards
  • Play where ONLY the Troghammer can repair cottages (y'know, with his hammer) but both Knights and the Troghammer can damage Trogdor.
  • Treat the Lake Tile as a normal tile
  • Put all three cottages in the corners of the map, making them easier to burninate

Q: This game is too hard! I/we keep losing!

A: Since the game has a lot of chance elements, there is the possibility that you will get your butt kicked sometimes. Here are some things you can try to increase your odds of achieving Majesty:

  • Don't randomly deal out Keepers and Items. Pick and choose strong and diverse combos to increase both offense and defense during the game.
  • Play defensively. Burninate as few peasants as possible (unless you've got Ye Flask of Dennis) and hide at the end of your turn (or use Block) as often as possible.
  • Play with fewer Troghammer cards
  • Play where ONLY the Troghammer can repair cottages (y'know, with his hammer) but both Knights and the Troghammer can damage Trogdor.
  • Treat the Lake Tile as a normal tile
  • Put the cottages in the corners of the map, making them easier to burninate
  • Listen to sloshy and allow Items to be recharged on anyone's turn, not just the active player's.

We want you to have fun playing the game and we want it to be challenging (the game has been balanced so that most wins will be pretty close shaves) but don't be afraid to tweak it a little bit if you're getting your beefy arm handed to you every time you play.


Q: What is the large, white box-thing inside my box for?

A: There are two versions of the game: the Standard Version with only wooden meeples and the Deluxe Version which also includes plastic miniatures. The white box-thing is where the plastic miniatures go in the deluxe version. In the standard version, it’s just a spacer to keep the contents of your game from sliding around. Strong Sad has some suggestions for fun things to do with that spacer here.

Q: Do the plastic miniatures change the gameplay at all?

A: No, you can use them interchangeably. The only difference is that the plastic cottages have roofs that are separate from the base of the cottage. When you burninate a plastic cottage, you only flip the roof piece to reveal the flames. With the wooden meeples, you flip the entire cottage piece to show the flames on the back.

Q: What’s this little white bag with the creepy face on it for?

A: That’s the bag for Stack Em To The Heavens, a bonus stacking mini-game you can play with some of the wooden meeples (shown here). A Rules Card for Stack Em To The Heavens is included in your game. Stack Em To The Heavens is completely separate from the main Trogdor game and does not factor into the gameplay. Feel free to ignore it completely if you want. Oh, and the creepy face is Marshie the marshmallow. Prolly best to ignore him too.

Q: What are all these other dragon-ish meeples for?

A: Those are alternate Trogdors based on different interpretations of the burninator from the original cartoon that spawned Trogdor in the first place. They all function the same and do not change gameplay. So before you play, just pick your fav and leave the others in the box.

Q: Is the flame helmet included with the plastic miniatures supposed to snap onto the peasant’s head?

A: No, it won’t snap, like LEGO-snap. However, there is a ‘right’ way to put the helmet on where it fits more snugly (the side of the the helmet with two tiny flame licks). But either way it’s more like it’s resting on the peasant’s head than fastened. Who fastens fire to their heads anyways, right? It should stay put enough while you move the flaming peasant around the board.

Q: Hey! Why come it says ‘Toaster's Choice' instead of ‘Taster's Choice'? You did it wrong!

A: We know it's different. Do YOU want to face the legal might of NESCAFE?!

Q: The Map Examples on page 14 of the rulebook has a duplicate for both the Easy and Medium setups. Is this intentional?

A: Oops! Everyone told us that no matter how many times we proofread there would be something we missed. This is one of those things. Here is the proper Medium map from the old print n' play rules that didn't make it into the final rulebook.

Q: In all the Map Exmaples, Trogdor is obscuring the center tile he starts on. Which tile is that?

A: In all examples, that is one of the ROCK tiles with a couple large boulders on it. You can use either one!

Q: Do I have to set up the map the way you guys have it in the rulebook?

A: Nope! The suggestions shown in the Rulebook are just to get you started. You are welcome to come up with your own configurations to increase or decrease difficulty.


Q: When can I use my Keeper powers and Items during the game?

A: Unless your Keeper or Item card states otherwise, you can use your Keeper power or Item ON YOUR TURN ONLY. Remember that your turn includes both phases: Trogdor's actions and the Countryside's movements. Your powers and Items can be used during either phase if applicable. Keeper powers are always available to you as long as it is your turn. Items, on the other hand, must be charged in order to use them on your turn.

Q: When can I recharge my Item?

A: You can recharge your Item ON YOUR TURN ONLY unless otherwise stated on your Item card. For example, if your Item’s recharge condition is, “When Trogdor visits the Lake tile,” then you must have Trogdor visit the Lake tile during your turn in order to recharge it (FYI, “visiting” a tile just means touching it during your turn, including starting your turn on that tile).

Q: If I recharge my Item during my turn, can I use it more than once?

A: No. You can only use an Item once per turn. However, you can use and recharge on the same turn and your item would be ready to go for your next turn. If you began your turn with an uncharged (or discharged) Item, you could feasibly recharge it, then use it, then recharge it again all on the same turn.

Q: The Item called “Disk of Healing” says it has no recharge. Does that mean I can keep using it over and over again without recharging?

A: No. This means it is a one-time-use card that can only be used once per game. Don't tear it up or do anything crazy like those play-for-months type games though.

Q: The Keeper named Worchex says “Knights cannot repair Cottages during your turn.” Does this apply to the Troghammer as well?

A: Yes! The Troghammer is also a Knight so anything that applies to Knights, also applies to the Troghammer (unless it specifically differentiates).

Q: What’s up with these Keeper and Item cards that have tape and bad drawings on them?

A: Those were added to the game by Strong Bad, the wrestle-man who came up with Trogdor, who felt that the game needed more chaos. Feel free to use them when you play but, keep in mind, they may break the game in new and hilarious ways. Strong Bad did NOT playtest these cards which is why they say “Use at your own risk!” on them.