Gameplay Videos and More:

Six-Sadded, Die. - Expando Explainer

Strong Sad tells you all about the Magicks & 'Mergecies Expansion.

Official How-To Video

Need help getting started? Watch a playthru with Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar, and some hairy arm!

Quickstart Overview - Rulebook EP

Strong Bad explains the broad strokes with a catchy song.

Six-Sadded, Die. - Peasant Burnination

Strong Sad details the various ways you can burninate peasants.

Six-Sadded, Die. - Trogdor's Fiery Rage

Strong Sad shows you how Trogdor rage quits when he loses!

Six-Sadded, Die. - The Void Tower

Strong Sad tells you what you can do with your cardboard spacer in your standard meeples-only version of the game.

Trogdor's Fiery Rage - Rulebook EP

Brainkrieg and the 4 Gregs won't let you forget Trogdor's tantrum powers!

Stack 'Em To The Heavens

Marshie terrifies you with his minigame, included in every box of Trodor Cereal! I mean, Board Game!

Main Kickstarter Promo

The fake-but-real commercial that kicked off the Kickcheater campaign!