Gameplay Videos and More:

Official How-To Video

Need help getting started? Watch a playthru with Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar, and some hairy arm!

Quickstart Overview - Rulebook EP

Strong Bad explains the broad strokes with a catchy song.

Six-Sadded, Die. - Peasant Burnination

Strong Sad details the various ways you can burninate peasants.

Six-Sadded, Die. - Trogdor's Fiery Rage

Strong Sad shows you how Trogdor rage quits when he loses!

Six-Sadded, Die. - The Void Tower

Strong Sad tells you what you can do with your cardboard spacer in your standard meeples-only version of the game.

Trogdor's Fiery Rage - Rulebook EP

Brainkrieg and the 4 Gregs won't let you forget Trogdor's tantrum powers!

Live Playthrough with Strong Bad & Lucky Yates

Strong Bad plays the game with Mike, Lucky Yates, and Ryan Sterritt.

Stack 'Em To The Heavens

Marshie terrifies you with his minigame, included in every box of Trodor Cereal! I mean, Board Game!

Main Kickstarter Promo

The fake-but-real commercial that kicked off the Kickcheater campaign!